Friday, August 13, 2010

Mod and Angela

We need to come up with better names for our characters: Mod and Angela
For the purposes of this post Mod will refer to the observer; Angela is the observed


Problematizing science as "hard" fact
how to measure and record something that one cannot know
the inner workings of a brain, the size of an atom
how to map something you cannot see

-how an observer inherently changes the observed "fact"
-extrapolate to the performance context: presence of the spectator, presence of the performer

mapping on the body
knowing due to internal sensation versus external input

-Feedback loops
how to make the exchange between Mod and Angela related, causal even?

-What is it like to lose control of the measurement process?
How does that differ from losing control of one's own limbs?

-Gaze; seeing is believing? Seeing as a form of measurement. Not believing one's eyes. Vision as fundamentally flawed.

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