Friday, August 6, 2010

first rehearsal

First Rehearsal/Playtime

Kate shows Nat existing score with existing soundscape

Rules for improvisational score #1

1. Linear or curvilinear paths in space; K must always use the same type of path in space as N
2. Two figures should always be at different levels; N controls personal level, K responds
3. When N makes eye contact with K, K must freeze but has the ability to release freeze at self-determined time

Revised for #2

1. N's space is always on the outside periphery of K; K always central
2. Negative space between two figures should always be charged and reactionary

Revised for #3

1. "Radios" placed in a runway-like alley stage left: Locus of N's movement
2. Up SR corner determined as locus of K's movement; confining and breaking from this corner
3. Introduce levels of control and the role the audience and unseen manipulator plays
4. Downstage (closer to audience) N gains more agency; Upstage loses agency
5. N moves in muscled rigid movements

Revised for #4
N and K switch roles/spaces

Gestures/images/themes/motifs/ideas developed:

  • theme of being pulled
- running with axis pulled towards center of floor
- arm being pulled from behind
  • paranoia/panopticon/spectatorship
  • levels of control
  • gestural work-- pedestrian and charged imagery
  • listening to radios vs. speaking through movement and gesture
  • specificity
  • tension in a relaxed position (i.e. lying on the floor with engaged muscles)
  • use of text?

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  1. many thanks for this! today i spent some time at the old water tower in Palo Alto on Alma. there was a light bulb encased in a metal cage. somehow that image seemed to resonate for what i am trying to make here.